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We recognize that there are a lot of companies that offer services similar to ours, so we’d like to focus on a few key areas that make us unique…

Outcome Not Income Based

At CPD our success is in achieving our client’s outcomes. While we bring tremendous expertise and creativity to each production, it remains our singular task to help a client communicate their message, emotion, or vision.

Edutainment: The Art of Engaging Audiences

We design all of our productions based on our unique Edutainment technology. We have proven time and again that audiences best receive and respond to information and education when placed in a peak state through entertainment and visual communication. We don’t just put equipment on your project, we put in creativity.

We're A Scalable Company

All of our production models are based on scalability. We bring the industry’s finest talents together as needed rather than saddling ourselves and our clients with overhead. We assign the right people to the right projects and adapt our resources as the market transforms. As such we avoid passing along the “next guy in line” to our projects. Everyone gets our “A” list of resources.

We Offer Complete Solutions

Our experience and resources encompass not only every aspect of live event and media production but also communications, advertising, promotions, media buying, merchandising, fulfillment, destination management, and operations. Whatever it is you need, we'll get it done.

We Understand The Corporate Environment

Our team has served Fortune 50 companies both from the inside and the outside. We know how to work in this environment without disrupting the flow of business, and we will make you, your staff, and your executive team feel comfortable, confident, and in control.

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