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We have designed our web video production capabilities specifically for the unique requirements of the Internet. While many companies offer video production services with large-scale mobile production “studios”, we have designed efficient, economical, and extremely mobile equipment packages that will work in any environment and can be anywhere on short notice.

We also recognize that there are unique needs in the corporate environment. It is not possible to roll a multimillion-dollar mobile production truck up to a Madison Avenue building and run cables and generators up to the 37th floor. Our packages are compact, mobile, don't require electricians, and don't generate excessive heat or require extraordinary electrical power. We are prepared to walk into any boardroom or CEO's office in short notice with little setup/teardown time without disrupting your flow of business.

Satellite Uplink

Live event Internet broadcasts require real time encoding and distribution capabilities that are provided through a Content Delivery Network (“CDN”), but your signal must first get from your event location to the CDN. We provide cost-effective Satellite, Fiber Optic, and Microwave transmission capabilities to transmit your video signal to our partner Activate’s Internet Broadcast Center, Grand Central Station in Seattle, Washington.


As of June 1, 2001, one in ten households in the United States and Canada now have high-speed (“Broadband”) access to the Internet (expected to exceed 33% within 3 years), and by the end of 2002 more than 65% of Fortune 1000 companies will be webcasting on a regular basis (Jupiter Media Metrix).

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