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The team at CPD offers both experience and creativity, along with a fresh approach to production that is both economical and enjoyable for our clients.

Video Production

CPD provides economical yet top quality video production services because we have based our production model on the latest in digital technology, rather than on an outdated Hollywood model that uses high-cost production equipment and facilities. In other words, the same quality editing, audio, and graphics can now be produced on systems that cost tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands, and we pass this progress in technology along to our clients.

We believe that outstanding product comes from the creativity and skill of people, not from the equipment. We focus on creating great content rather than on booking time and large crews so that we achieve our client's outcome - not ours.

Broadcast Content

Drawing on extensive creative and production resources in the entertainment and television industry, CPD develops and co-develops content for broadcast, cable, satellite, and webcast television. Our team brings not only outstanding creative content, but the ability to produce the content within tight production budgets.

Interactive Media

CPD not only develops content but also creates & duplicates CR-ROMs, Business Card CD-ROMs, and DVDs. Let us show you how we can combine interactive computer presentations with video, audio, printable brochures, "point-and-click" video, and much more onto a single CD-ROM that duplicates for less than a dollar each.

Web Design

We have a graphic design team that will design and develop your website, complete with interactive media such as Flash Animations, Video, Audio, and even e-Commerce Solutions. We'd love to talk to you about many exciting options that are available now such as online event registration, audience response systems, portable and wireless data for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants like Palm™ and PocketPC™), and viral marketing campaigns.

Print Design

Our design team will also design and publish brochures & flyers, programs, tickets, posters, business cards, banners, or any type of printed media in support of your company or event. We will work to unify your print materials with the look and feel of your event, video, or website.

Merchandising and Promotional Products

We also develop all types of merchandise and products to promote your company, organization, or event. We have a terrific design team and the ability to manufacture all types of products at extremely affordable rates.

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